Serpula Lacyrmans Fungi

This is What Makes Wood Rot!

Homeowners see Wood Rot appear on Window Sills, Brick-molds, Sashes,Siding and Doors.

  • Wood rot is a serious problem.

    The wood-decay fungus irreversibly destroys the
    wood, so unless you take preventive measures, the fungus will do more damage every year.

We Do it Right, The First Time!

With the 4 Step Wood Rot Pro Guaranteed Solution:

  • 1 Complete Removal of All Fungus Infected Wood !
  • 2 Apply Fungicide (boron solution) to Eliminate Wood
    Rot Spores.
  • 3 Install Vinyl Sills &  Brick molds (PVC), Hardi-Cement
    Board Siding & Smart -Trim, So You’ll Never Have to
    Worry About Wood Rot Again!
  • 4 Prime 100%, Caulk 100%, and Paint 100%

You Never Have to Worry About Woodrot Again, We Guarantee It With Our Wood Rot Pro Guarantee.

Wood Rot Pro certificate