Our Referrals

"It was a good experience, had lots of things done. They were very clean. Good work, I had rot inside the house where more extensive work had to be done."
- Nickolds

"I was happy with them. They were very clean, good about their word."
- Quetern

"I had extensive work done. I have nothing but good stuff to say about them. The work has held up beautifully. I had a huge termite issue. They had to brace the house. Terminex had worked on issue several times before and didn’t catch this. Since Ben’s guys were in middle of project, Terminex had them submit proposal and reimbursed us the amount. Ben submitted it that day. His bids are very itemized. He was very delightful and the guys cleaned up at the end of every day. Everything worked out great! They were reasonably priced."
- Gramme

"Use them! They do very good work! They took pictures of the rot, documented it and showed them to me. Very professional."
- Enlish

"Nice work. I used them three different times. They clean up well, nice people. They have also done paint work….they were careful inside house. They did quality work and had confidence in them."
- Klingge

"There was more wood rot than expected. They did good work, conscientious and clean.
Great workmanship!"
- Hitten

"Good job…had work done 2 years ago. They came in, worked hard and did a good job."
- Marke

"Great job…they were here about 3 weeks. They took out every window. I would use them again. They worked hard, long hours. They’re very capable, very conscientious. They were careful with paint colors."
- Manfolds

"I had very good luck with them. We ran into more problems than originally noted, but they documented and let us know. I would use them again. Ben came by regularly. I trusted the guys."
- Caultron

"Very good job, high quality work. They were fast and thorough. I had confidence in their work and had them back to paint the house later."
- Wilcoyon

"Really, really liked their work. Hired them back to do other work after first time and they also worked on a couple of neighbors houses who were very pleased. Prior work done by someone else was lousy. I called around for references also and got good recommendations."
- Beraqque

"Great work, they did the whole house. Very happy, no complaints. Crew does good work. Mike the foreman is very knowledgeable, they do good work. Highly recommend them. I have a neighbor I recommended them to, he went with someone else who was a little bit cheaper and they did terrible work, they had to have them come back to correct it again and again."
- Seinman

"Had a lot of work done last year, had woodpeckers. Lots of detailed work in back, it’s all windows. Nice job, professional, cleaned-up when done every day, I recommend them."
- Bakered

"Really pleased. They did a good job and I trust them 100%."
- Botter

"They were pleasant to have around. Had them out several times. Wonderful people, I recommend them."
- Dr. Stroller

"He was probably the biggest job up to that time. I’m in construction, so I know a lot about the work that needs to be done. Would recommend them, they know what they are doing. Good, honest guys."
- Cambeller

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